Why Radiology As a Career Choice; 14 Surprising Pros and Cons

Why Radiology As a Career Choice
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Why Radiology as a Career Choice?

In the below post, you will learn about the following pros and cons i.e. what it’s really like to work in Radiology


  • Very flexible working environment
  • It’s interesting work
  • There is good demand for Radiologists
  • Good for Introverts
  • You are the Doctor’s Doctor
  • Great Opportunities for Research and Innovation


  • You don’t get to use all your medical knowledge
  • Your work is behind the scenes
  • The work can be repetitive
  • AI will change the way radiologists work
  • Your work can go underappreciated
  • It’s not completely stress free
  • You have to keep up with technology

Why Radiology As a Career Choice – PRO #1: Very Flexible Working Environment

You can work remotely or anywhere with a good internet connection.

When you are on call you can just take it from home. Your area of interest can be as big or small as you like.

The Pros of Radiology as a Career Choice – PRO #2: It’s Interesting Work

You see a wide range of diseases and interact with a broad range of doctors across every age group of patients.

It’s intellectually challenging.

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Why Radiology as a Career Choice PRO #3: Good Demand for Radiologists

It can be a smart career move.

Many medical degree graduates often opt for surgery, paediatrics, general practitioner etc, so there is much demand for radiologists these days. Your job is to reduce uncertainty.

The Benefits of Radiology As a Career Choice – PRO #4: Good for Introverts

One of the hardest parts of being a doctor is long hours dealing with patients and their relatives.

Radiologists don’t have this as they will spend a lot of their time reading scans in a room on their own.

You can have as much or as little direct patient contact as you want.

It can be a really good choice of specialism for doctors who are more introverted.

PRO #5: You are the Doctors’ Doctor

You’re a vital cog in the running of the hospital. Other doctors will seek out your opinion.

Surgeons will go to the radiology department to ask your opinion before they open patients up.

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Benefits of Radiology As a Career – PRO #6: Great Opportunities for Research and Innovation

You will be surrounded by great technologies and informatics.

AI and machine learning will keep developing but human radiologists will always be needed to be making the difficult decisions that machines cannot.

If you are a tech-savvy person it can be an exciting place to be!

Why Radiology As a Career Choice #3

Why Radiology As a Career Choice – CON #1: You Don’t Get to Use Your Range of Medical Skills

A lot of your job involves looking at scans and imaging, so you don’t get to use your basic medical skills as much as other specialisms

CON #2: You are Behind The Scenes

It might not be as rewarding as other specialisms -> as while you do help the patient to recover, the credit will go to the primary care doctor.

You will rarely get to see how the patients care evolves.

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Why Radiology As a Career Choice – CON #3: The Work Can be Repetitive

Some Radiologists can get burned out by the workload.

You also can get a lot of eye strain and headaches after a day’s work. The shifts are non-stop.

Pros and Cons of Radiology: Picture of Headache Tablets

CON #4: Artificial Intelligence will change how Radiologists work

Smarter machines will be able to analyse lots of images very quickly.

This may mean fewer jobs for Radiologists in the future.

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The Downsides of Radiology As a Career Choice – CON #5: Sometimes Your Work can go Underappreciated

Doctors can sometimes demand tests that you don’t think are necessary.

They can also not be very appreciative of your efforts and not listen to your feedback.

You also sometimes have to deal with other doctors’ mistakes. Radiologists need to be thick-skinned.

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CON #6: It’s Not Completely Stress Free

A Radiologist will see thousands of cases per year.

Mistakes are inevitable and you will have to live with them.

However, this can be said for every medical specialism.

Pros and Cons Radiology: Picture of Stressed Out Man

Cons of Radiology As a Career – CON #7: You Have to Keep up with Technology

The advance of AI will mean Radiologists have to keep their fingers on the pulse of the latest innovations.

Much more so than other specialisms.

CON #8: It is Not the Best Paid Compared to Other Specialisms

It is not one of the best-paid specialisms. However, it is also not the most stressful.

What Does a Radiologist Do?

What is the difference between a Radiographer and a Radiologist?

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