Occupational Therapist Pros and Cons; 10 Revealing Insights

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Occupational Therapist Pros and Cons – In this post I’ll go through the below pros and cons of being an Occupational Therapist:


  • The salary is good
  • Opportunity to grow
  • Good variety in the work
  • Rising demand
  • It can be rewarding


  • Lots of physical activity
  • You need a strong stomach
  • Sometimes patients don’t improve
  • You need good composure
  • Things can get ugly

As an Occupational Therapist (or an “OT”), you will interact with patients face-to-face and work to better their physical, mental, or emotional state.

You will plan and administer therapy that rehabilitates the patient and allows them to live their lives without unnecessary assistance.

Occupational therapists mould their treatment around the patient’s disability. They teach them how to overcome their disability to accomplish occupational and everyday tasks.

Occupational Therapist Pros and Cons – Pro #1: Good People / Team Spirit

Working as an OT can be challenging and demanding.

If you are part of a supportive team then it can make your life a lot easier.

Usually, the people who work in occupational therapy are passionate people who work very hard to improve patient’s lives.

You will work with highly professional teams providing quality treatment to patients.

Pros and cons of Occupational Therapy; therapy center, physical therapy, occupational therapy ot

Occupational Therapist Pros and Cons – Pro #2: Room for Career Growth

A remarkable aspect of Occupational Therapy is the room for career growth.

In this field, you have options to climb the vocational ladder. The demand for occupational therapists grows more every year, meaning that there are TONS of job opportunities.

With a career in occupational therapy, you can find a job no matter what! Whether the economy is failing or there’s a pandemic knocking on the door, there will always be a need for occupational therapists.

pros and cons of occupational therapy; economy, finance, state budget

Occupational Therapist Pros and Cons – Pro #3: Good Variety Of Work

One of the most attractive aspects of a career in occupational therapy is that you can find a job anywhere.

Occupational therapy is in demand everywhere, meaning that you can move wherever you want and still have a satisfying career.

As if that wasn’t great enough, as an OT, you’ll be able to work in a variety of environments, from rehabilitation centres to hospitals to gyms to universities.

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Occupational Therapist Pros and Cons – Pro #4: Lots of Demand

There is a rising demand for occupational therapists, it is one of the world’s fastest-growing careers.

High demand careers are best when it comes to finding a stable profession.

Occupational therapists will not have to search too long to find a job.

pros and cons of occupational therapy; physical therapy, occupational therapy, rehabilitation

Occupational Therapist Pros and Cons – Pro #5: It Can Be Rewarding

Occupational therapy is an advantageous and emotionally satisfying career choice.

As an OT, you get to work with patients with varying disabilities and impairments.

Occupational therapists help their patients perform everyday activities, complete tasks, and rebuild their lives.

Helping people live happy, healthy, and productive lives is the best part of a career in occupational therapy!

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Occupational Therapist Pros and Cons – Con #1: Lots of Physical Activity

The workday of an occupational therapist involves a lot of physical activity.

As an occupational therapist, you will be on your feet all day, and you will have to participate in exercises with your patients, which can sometimes be physically straining.

This means that occupational therapy is not the best career choice for someone who isn’t physically in shape.

Occupational Therapist Pros and Cons – Con #2: Sometimes You Have to Deal With Bodily Fluids and Functions

Every job has its disadvantages.

To be an occupational therapist, you need to have a strong stomach.

OTs often have to deal with bodily fluids and functions as they often deal with patients who are recently out of surgery.

This means that you’ll have to deal with wounds, vomit, blood, toilet issues, and more. Occupational therapy is a rewarding profession, but it’s far from glamorous.

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Occupational Therapist Pros and Cons – Con #3: Sometimes Patients Don’t Improve

Every occupational therapist starts with the goal to improve every single one of their patient’s lives, and in a way, that is achievable.

However, there are some situations in which the patient never improves.

Sometimes physical hardships are too much to work through, no matter how talented the physical and occupational therapist may be.

This is the most heartbreaking, discouraging part of the job, and it’s essential to maintain a positive outlook despite these circumstances.

Occupational Therapist Pros and Cons – Con #4: You Must Keep Composure No Matter The Situation

As stated above, an occupational therapist’s career is not for the faint of heart.

In this career field, you will see many things, some may be a little disturbing. It’s best to try and keep a positive, bubbly demeanour no matter what happens on the job.

Occupational Therapist Pros and Cons – Con #5: Things Can Get Ugly

The majority of your patients will have some physical pain.

This means that they will not be in the best mood. Sometimes your patients will have a bad attitude, and they may come off as rude.

This is just part of the job and not something that you should take personally! To be a successful occupational therapist, you need to withstand a certain amount of moody behaviour.

For this reason, thin-skinned or more sensitive individuals should think twice before considering a career in occupational or physical therapy.

occupational therapy pros and cons; picture of sad face

To Conclude:

Making a career choice can be challenging!

After effectively weighing all the advantages and disadvantages of a career in occupational therapy, it should be easy to decide.

While there are a few cons to this profession, there also a few great reasons why you should pick this career path.

Being an OT isn’t for everyone, but if you have a tough stomach, love helping people, and want to choose a stable professional, occupational therapy is the right choice for you!

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