Graduate Salaries UK: Find out the best paying roles [Infographic]

Graduate Salaries UK

Graduate Salaries UK

The below figures are Graduate Salaries UK for London based business/finance roles as at 2019.

The source of the data is the Robert Half Salary Survey 2019

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Graduate Salaries UK Infographic

Source: Robert Walters Salary Survey 2019

Hopefully the above illustrates to you:

i) which roles pay better than others

ii) the variety of different roles you can do in the finance/legal/IT sectors

Graduate Salaries UK: What if you don’t work in London?

Many of the big recruitment companies in the UK publish Salary Surveys which include salaries for each region of the UK.

So, google Hays, Robert Half, Michael Page, Robert Walters, etc and you should be able to find the info you are looking for pretty easily.

Some of them will also publish average salary details for other countries and cities i.e. Dubai, New York, etc.

If you are interested ask a recruitment consultant working in a UK office of the afore-mentioned and they should be able to source one for you.

You will find lots of info on average graduate salaries, however the wages of someone working in London will be very different to someone working in the countryside, so you really need to ensure your research focuses on where you might want to work.

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Graduate Salaries UK: A word of caution (!)

Don’t make your decisions solely based on what the job or sector will pay.

Lots of the 100 graduates 10 years on from university that I interviewed for my #1 Amazon Best Selling book 1000 Years of Career Advice regretted they had chosen professions that paid well.

After 10 years working in their professions, yes they were well paid but they were miserable.

They also felt that they were stuck, as it was too late to start over and go to university again.

They had mortgages, weddings to pay for and they felt they couldn’t go back and be a poor student again and start in an entry level job.

The 100 interviewees all say that it is important to choose something you enjoy doing for a career.

You will be spending the next 40+ years doing it day in day out. If you don’t enjoy it starting out, it’s not going to get any better!

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