Dentist Career Pros And Cons: 10 Revealing Insights

Dentistry Career Pros and Cons
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Dentist Career Pros And Cons -> Dentistry is one of the most sought-after professions in the medical field.

In this post, I’ll go through 5 pros and 5 cons of having a career as a dentist:


  • The salary is great
  • You can be your own boss
  • High demand
  • No two days are alike
  • You can set your own hours


  • High cost
  • Education committments
  • Pressure
  • Being on call
  • You are responsible


There are many excellent reasons to become a dentist:

Dentist Career Pros And Cons – Pro #1: The Salary is Great

Being a dentist is not easy money. You will earn every dollar through education, hard work, and being there for your patients. But with the hard work comes a considerable income if you plan correctly.

There are costs in getting your education and establishing your dental office, but the monetary rewards are more than worth the effort.

While you should expect to work long hours, you will also enjoy considerable financial freedom that comes with being a dentist.

(Private Dentists with 10 years experience can earn anywhere from £100k – £400k+ a year).

Dentist Career Pros And Cons – Pro #2: Be Your Own Boss

In addition to the income, running your own business is what makes dentistry an attractive option for so many.

You are in charge, you do not answer to anyone else, and you are the one who makes the difficult decisions.

It’s not easy and there is risk involved, but ultimately your fate is in your hands.

No one can fire you, but you!

So being your own boss not only reduces the stress because you make the decisions. It also boosts your job satisfaction because you are the one in charge.

Dentist Career Pros And Cons – Pro #3: High Demand

Dentistry has been growing for quite some time and shows no signs of slowing down.

This means that even if you decide to start your education today, there will be opportunities for you in the future.

It is true that some areas of the country provide more opportunity and chances for higher pay compared to others, but no matter where you set up your dental office, you can build up your business if you do it the right way.

Moving to a new location where your services are needed the most just provides more opportunities to create a larger income and serve those who need you the most.

Dentistry Career Pros and Cons

Dentist Career Pros And Cons – Pro #4: No Two Days Are Alike

Being a dentist means facing different challenges each day.

From teeth cleaning to root canals to placing new dentures and more, you will enjoy the variety of work that is available.

Plus, you can learn more to enhance the services that your dental office offers to your patients.

From specialising in a specific field to serving the community as a general dentist, your days will have something different to offer.

It is true that some days will be more stressful than others, but that type of variety makes it easier to look forward to each challenge.

Dentistry Career Pros and Cons: Picture of Toothbrushes

Dentist Career Pros And Cons – Pro #5: Set Your Hours

You can expand or cut back your hours as you see fit.

This is perfect for those who pursue a full-time career. Or, for those who want to work part-time and raise a family.

The hours you set should take into consideration your patients, but you are the one in charge of when the doors open and close.

Plus, you can continue your profession into retirement. Operating at hours of your choosing, you can continue to serve your community while enjoying plenty of time off if you desire.

Is Dentistry a Good Career; picture of cons sign


Of course, even dentistry has its issues that you will have to face when choosing this profession.

Here are five reasons to give you some food for thought.

Dentist Career Pros And Cons – Con #1: High Cost

There is the cost of your initial education, setting up your practice, and continuing education to keep up with the latest techniques.

In addition, you have equipment to purchase, salaries to pay, and fees to charge to cover the high cost of your practice.

It is true that many of your patients will have dental insurance, but that means filling out forms so you can get paid.

The high cost is what drives many dentists to work harder at their profession. Especially in the early years to pay off their student debt.

money, cash, english

Dentist Career Pros And Cons – Con #2: Education Commitments

It takes 5-6 years of higher education to become qualified and as a dentist in the UK. That’s five years of college and another year of supervised training.

Six years is a long time, compared to some other professions. If you do not like being a student, you will have a difficult time in getting through all the courses.

However, if you enjoy learning and are interested in the dental profession, then this is not an issue for you.

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Dentist Career Pros And Cons – Con #3: Pressure

There is the pressure and stress of learning your craft, performing well with your patients, and keeping up with the latest techniques so your competition does not take your patients.

The pressure can be considerable, especially if you live in an area with several other dentists doing the same thing.

Even when you have established your services over the years, the pressure to stay ahead will always be there.

Of course, most dentists become accustomed to the pressure over time. But it can be quite stressful for the first several years.

Dentistry Career Pros and Cons: Picture of Teeth

Dentist Career Pros And Cons – Con #4: Being on Call

Although you have control over your hours, many dentists are expected to be on call for emergency situations. And quite often they happen at 3am on a Sunday.

It is true that you can share that responsibility with other dentists for being on call, but this is one of the more stressful aspects of being a dentist.

Dentist Career Pros And Cons – Con #5: You Are Responsible

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of becoming a dentist is that you are holding your patient’s health in your hands.

From applying the anesthesia to prescribing medications to performing oral surgery, all it takes is one mistake or unexpected event for everything to go wrong.

Even if you do everything right, some unexpected event may cause additional harm to your patient.

Although most people can handle this type of stress, there are some who simply cannot. You will need to know if you are ready for this responsibility.

Becoming a dentist is not easy but knowing the dentist career pros and cons will help you make the best-informed decision about whether this career is for you.

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