I studied Business at University, and became an Accountant, not because I liked it, but because I didn’t know what else to do.

In my 20’s, I put a huge amount of effort into finding out what I wanted to do, and how to make that happen.

So I put together a course showing everything I did over the last 15 years to find a job I love.

In the course, there are 25 practical exercises to help you:

  • Understand where you are now
  • Figure out where you want to get to
  • Build a step by step personalised roadmap to your ideal career

The 25 exercises and some FAQ’s are outlined below. 

Career Planning for 16-35 Year Olds: How To Visualise Your Ideal Career and the Practical Steps to Make it Happen


SECTION Two: WHERE YOU want to get to?

SECTION three: How to get there


Frequently asked questions

Paul Murphy is a freelance Finance Consultant who has spent the last 15 years figuring out how to get out of jobs he hated into a job he loves now.

He is a qualified Accountant (ACA), Project Manager (Prince 2) and Programme Manager (MSP) who has worked for PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Reuters, Eurostar, and GlaxoSmithKline to name a few.

He has also written a #1 Amazon Bestselling Book ‘1000 Years of Career Advice’ which interviews 100 graduates 10 years out of university about their career paths and advice for the younger generation. 

This course is to help you understand 1) where you are right now in your career, 2) where you want to get to, and 3) the practically steps needed to make that a reality. 

It is designed to tease the information out of the student who completes the 25 downloadable fillable worksheets to give a highly personalised and practical roadmap detailing their ideal career.

Instead of endless slides and padded lectures, this is approx. two hours of no nonsense coaching to take you from being unsure of your career path to knowing exactly what you want and how to make it happen.

Two hours with any good coach will set you back at least £100, however I want to get this method out to as many young people as possible, so for a limited time only using the coupon code 34rz5mwb you can get the course for half that – £49.99.

You can avail of the 30 day money back guarantee!

what the students say...

I really enjoyed this course. I loved how organized it was, and the supporting worksheets that came with it were so useful. The instructor (Paul) is very engaging and the whole time you feel like he's having a real conversation with you. Thoroughly recommend to anyone trying to understand what they want to do for a career!
david hanrahan
Software Developer
The course seems to be geared towards students, graduates or someone early in their career. However, there are lots of really insightful exercises that would help people at any point in their career. I found out lots of new things about myself!
Shahini Nandula
Head of Fundraising, UK Charity
I found the information in this course to be very valuable, though provoking and based on practice, instead than theory. The videos are short, to the point and well made. At the end of the course I understood what I wanted from my career so much better! Great Course!
Amy Rigby
The downloadable worksheets make this course, they are practical step by step guides to help you understand your perfect career. Really well thought out course, very useful.
nick lawson
Business Graduate