#1 Amazon Bestseller

1000 years of career advice

‘1000 YEARS OF CAREER ADVICE’ details the career paths of 100 GRADUATES 10 YEARS on from university, so the reader can see:

> The thought processes behind picking their degrees/careers
> How their career paths have evolved
> What their jobs entail, pros & cons, hours, etc.
> The regrets they have from making poor decisions
> The advice they offer the young people of today

1,252 copies were downloaded in the first 5 days of it’s launch making it an #1 Amazon Bestseller. It’s 350+ pages packed full of fantastic career advice which has been found out the hard way.

It is available now from Amazon. You can also download a free E-Book version which includes 5 of the interviews from here.

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  • Ebook: 1000 Years of Career Advice
  • Actual CVs of Graduates 10 years out of University
  • Checklist: How to Prepare for a Job Interview
  • *Premium Content* The Earning Potential of various Careers